At the heart of Istria there is a historic settlement called Žminj. It is a small town surrounded by beautiful nature, rich in cultural heritage and important historical locations. Žminj and its surroundings abound in cycling and trekking trails bringing you to numerous estates, vineyards, lavender and immortelle fields and winding through forests full of medicinal herbs and mushrooms.

At the heart of this beautiful and peaceful place we are waiting for you – Apartments Pausa



Apartments Pausa are located in the mere centre of the town in a newly built building constructed in 2020. The apartments are decorated in a rustic retro-industrial style using natural materials and colours inspired by the colours of Žminjština and Istria.

By entering the building via indoor stairs made of wood, iron and decorated with flowers you will reach the three studio apartments. Terra is dominated by light earth colours. Brown, beige tones are associated with coziness, the link with earth and nature and diligent Istrian peasants who used to cultivate scanty Istrian soil and in this way earned a living for their families.

The Olive apartment has been decorated with the shades of green and yellow associated with joy, increase and the renewal of energy. On the other hand blue tinted with copper bestows power to the Cuprum apartment.


In all our apartments you will find the latest technological devices available for your use such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, hob, toaster, water heater, blender and hair dryer. The apartments are equipped with necessary utensils as well as bedclothes and towels. In addition there is the air-conditioner, TV and satellite and a WIFI connection. The apartments have floor heating so that it is possible to have a comfortable stay all year round. Private parking has been secured for our guests immediately by the entrance into the building.

Apartments Pausa are a perfect choice on account of their unique location in the centre of Žminj, so that many facilities and service are practically within hands reach. Within a less than a 100 meter perimeter there are shops, the post office, banks and ATMs, doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, tourist office, playgrounds, pubs, pizzerias and restaurants.

It is possible to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, domestic wine, brandy, honey, cheese and other local products from local manufacturers and family farms in the surrounding area.



Žminj is an ideal location for holidays because of its position at the heart of Istria and at the crossroads of main routes which enables you to explore other Istrian towns and attractions.

Within a 10 – 15 km of distance there are numerous spots worth visiting such as Glavani Adrenaline Park, the Pazin Pit, Istria Adventure, the Medieval Theme Park of St. Michael, Feštinsko Kraljevstvo Cave and many other hidden pearls.

It takes only 25 km to reach the sea and beaches on the west coast near Rovinj and Poreč and approximately the same to reach the east coast of Istria where you can enjoy being alone on wild beaches. 

Istria is famous for traditional fairs held throughout the whole year and especially for numerous festivals and events so that everyone may find something suitable to their own taste, from lovers of good food and wine to lovers of good music, adventure and adrenaline. The Pasta Festival, the Accordion Fest and the Chakavian Assembly, to mention but a few.



Here we are. We are the Božac family, Alen, Silvia, Aurora and Ivan.

We have chosen the name Pausa on purpose, because we think that everybody needs and deserves a shorter or longer break in a comfortable and interesting environment. Our apartments have been created and arranged with a lot of effort and love and we hope that our guests shall appreciate it.

We speak English, Italian and a little bit of German and we are open to any sort of communication.

Everything in our apartments is new and carefully chosen and we hope that by our mutual effort and care it is going to stay as it is.

The apartments are available for rent throughout the whole year. It is possible to book for a minimum of 1 night and more.

We are always at your disposal for any further question, comment or deal.